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Southwestern PA's #1 Dealer for
Solar Hot Water Heating Systems

and SUNFROST Refrigerators.

New SPP-30a First Ever Evacuated Tube Collector Manufactured in the United States, Provides Compliance with Buy American Act

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APPROVED DEALER for Solar Pool Heaters & Hot Water Heating Systems

Take advantage of the 30% Federal Energy Tax Credit by installing a SOLAR PANELS PLUS Solar Hot Water Heating System or purchasing a Sunfrost Refrigerator now.

Visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency Web site, DSIRE , to see if you might qualify for tax credits or rebates offered by your state for buying a solar water heater by clicking the link below.

UPDATED August 19, 2011!! PA Sunshine Residential/Small Business Solar PV Program!!
Access this link to learn the details.

PA Sunshine Solar Program - former Energy Independence Link

Savings from turning out lights adds up. . . . . . . .If you turn off a 100-watt incandescent bulb that is on for six hours in a room not being used that you'd otherwise have left on, you are saving six cents during that time. That adds up to more than $20 a year.
Now. . . think about how many light bulbs you have in your home!

Jolico Solar Power's SPP30-tube collector, solar pump station, heat exchanger tank

Jolico Solar Power is Pennsylvania's dealer for SOLAR PANELS PLUS Solar Thermal Collectors. The state-of-the-art SPP-30 solar thermal systems are capable of efficiently producing enough domestic hot water for a family of four. SOLAR PANELS PLUS Solar Thermal Collectors are certified for full Federal and State tax credits. Utilizing reliable, efficient twin-glass evacuated tubes with copper heat pipes for rapid heat transfer and simplistic plug-in installation, they require minimal maintenance. The tubes passively track the sun. Mounted on stainless steel frames, these internationally certified systems are ideal for residential and commercial solar water heating applications and come with a comprehensive 10 year limited warranty.

Jolico Solar Power offers SOLAR PANELS PLUS collectors, pumping stations, pumps, tanks, controllers, valves, complete installation kits, support, training and warranty service.

Click on SOLAR PANELS PLUS WARRANTY POLICY to read the most comprehensive 10-15 year warranty policy in the industry today!

Installing just one SOLAR PANELS PLUS solar thermal collector can reduce CO2 levels as much as planting more than 200 trees. It's the perfect choice for people wanting to become part of the SOLUTION by reducing their carbon footprint.

Contact us for parts or complete system pricing. We offer the lowest dealer direct pricing to you, free design consulting, and we will walk you or your installer through your complete installation.

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Sun Frost Refrigerator

SUNFROST Refrigerators

We have been an authorized dealer for Sun Frost Refrigerators since 1994. Sun Frost refrigerators and freezers are so outstandingly energy-efficient, powering a home with solar power or other low output energy sources is both feasible and affordable. All models are available in 12 or 24 volt DC, or 110 or 220 volt AC. Even in a home using conventional utility power, energy consumption for refrigeration is typically cut by a factor of five! In addition to unrivaled energy efficiency, Sun Frost offers amenities such as high humidity, food-saving storage, ultra-quiet operation, easy-to-clean interiors and a wide selection of exterior materials and colors.

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    (814) 445-4520

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